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Harrisons’ Tulsi Lemon Tea 100g


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A perfect blend of Thulasi, lemon and orthodox tea helps in relieving cough and cold, opens up airways and improves breathing.

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This is a Vegetarian product

Harrisons Malayalam Limited is a 150 year old plantation company and is one of South India’s largest tea producers. Its tea estates are located in Wayanad & Surianalle (close to Munnar). Being one of the single largest producers of tea with own factories,    Harrisons’ mission is to produce the best quality teas by following world class manufacturing standards .Our committed team thrives for continuous improvements in its practices and aims at producing quality of teas at all times. Our teas ranges from strong CTC teas to aromatic orthodox teas and green teas to cater all sections of customers. OP, GFOP, BPS, TFP, TFBOP, TGBOP, PEKOE, FBOP, GBOP, FBOPF, BOPD, BOPF, AD and FD grades of teas produced is craftily blended to bring out the best cup to the consumer. Tea town is a chain of outlets started in order to make the garden fresh teas available directly to the customer.


Storage Condition

  • Store in a cool, dark place away from light, heat & moister
  • Keep packs closed after its use


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